Hello, we are Eduardo and Roberta, a young Brazilian couple on the search for a sustainable way of life.

After taking a sabbatical period traveling to Australia, Indonesia, Thailand and New Zealand decided to come back “home” and start an exciting project. We are about to start building our own tiny house on a shipping container with our own hands, and we will document the entire process. If you want to follow this interesting project you can find us on YouTube (Odd Life Crafting), Instagram (@livingtinyproject and @oddlifecrafting) and on FaceBook (

“Even though my name is Eduardo you can call me Duca, my nickname since I was born. I was born in Florianópolis in the south of Brazil in 1984, but since I was 15-year old I fell in love with traveling and living abroad. During the past 18 years, I have lived a few months in a few different countries like the US, Portugal, Australia, Indonesia, and traveled to much more. I guess I can call myself a curious person. Have practice many different sports, from Gymnastics to Surfing, Mountain Bike, Skate, In-line skate, snowboarding, kitesurfing, climbing, and more. When it comes to studying I’m a mess. I always say I don’t like school, and that I won’t take any other course, but at this point I already have a 5 years Bachelor Degree in Businesses, another one in Civil Engineering, a Master Degree in Construction Management and Real Estate, I studied in a Film school for one year (back in 2009) and started a Master Degree in Structural Engineering at Sydney University (but as I felt the course was too theoretical I decided to quit). Well, I guess, as you can tell, in the end, I enjoy studying. At the same time, I really enjoy manual jobs, I know how to knit since I was 15, I took Indonesian carving lessons last year, and know I’m dreaming with the Tiny House we are about to start building. I also dream of building our own sailboat so we can live aboard.” - Duca

“Well, depending who you are, you can call me Roberta, Rô, Lolô, Bebé, Robiuza, Peixa, Peri, and the list goes on. Hehehehe… I was also born in Florianópolis but in 1983.  Since I was a child I like to be sustainable, I mean, I hate do produce unnecessary waste, I hate to throw food away, I like to save water and products, and the list goes on. So, when I grew older, I found out a course in this area and  I’m an Environmental Engineer. Another thing about my personality is my curiosity about the development of the personality of children and the importance of the education in their life, that’s the reason why I started studying Child Education for a year and a half. Even though I studied a lot, I think that most of my personality was created by the trips I made after I met Duca. I started to realize how important is to get to know other cultures and understand their way of living their lives. When you travel with an open heart and mind is amazing how a moment can change the way you see life. Back in 2006 I and a friend of mine were searching for an opportunity to live abroad for a few months so I could improve my English, and that’s when I meet Duca. When I met him he was about to start a trip with a friend of his, and they were planning to travel for almost one year around Hawaii, Australia and Indonesia to shoot a documentary. In the end, my friend traveled on her own and I joined Duca and his friend for over 6 months, and since then we’ve been traveling together, bought a sailboat together, and had many projects together. The most recent one is the Living Tiny Project and the Odd Life Crafting (our youtube channel).” - Roberta