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⛵️A DREAM coming true!! #129

We are very excited to assemble our mast!

We are so thankful to have the opportunity to have a brand new mast with brand new components on it. All of this is just possible because of the people who watch our videos. If wasn't for our audience (now we have 175k subscribers and around a daily average of 45k views per day) we wouldn't have the opportunity to partner with great companies and also we won’t have the opportunity to have some sponsored videos. When we were planning on maybe to change the mast, in the same week we closed 2 sponsored videos and we were able to pay for the mast. Now it was time to try to find good partner that produce components for our mast. 

Well, we got a discount on our mast company (Manatoço), a discount on the clutches (Spinlock), we got some aluminium  mast step from a subscriber of our channel (Steve), we got a great discount on sailing hardware (Nautos) and also some discount on the navigation lights (Optolamp).

Thanks so much for everybody that has made this possible. 

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