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⛵️"Abandoned" sailboat tour after 4 month of refit (still long way to go) + Q&A + haircut #104

After 4 months refitting our sailboat that was abandoned for the past 22 years it's time to answer some of the questions we have been receiving. We are gonna answer the questions here as well. hehe

- What design is the boat? (dimensions, materials, draft…): The boat is a Dinieper Tropic 1200, designed by Joubert and Nivelt (French designers) and built in Brazil in 1991. It has 13.5meters (44ft) and it has a draft that can varies from 1.1 meters to 2.7 meters (it’s a swing centerboard) and it’s made out of hot galvanized steel.

- Which engine it is and how long is been sitting there?: It’s a MWW 3 cylinders and the former owner said that he didn’t turn on the engine on the past 5 years (with 1050 hours of use).

- What we still have to do inside of the boat?: We need to exchange all the hoses, valves, toilets, install the bilge pump, install new charger/inverter, buy new fire extinguisher, give maintenance to the oven/stove (install the gas system)...

- What about the outside of the boat? We still need to install the gas tank, the dodger, all the deck hardware, the steering wheel, all the port lights and hatches...

- Why orange?: Duca would like to have a red boat, but I don’t really like this color (personal taste). So, he proposed the color orange (we have a few pelican cases with this color and we really like their colors) and now I’m in love with the color. This color reminds me of sunrises and sunsets, and I love this moments of the day.

- Why did we apply a clear coat?: As we choose to use a color that isn’t white we need to apply it in order to avoid the paint to fade out with time.

- What color will the bottom be?: We are thinking on using black for the antifouling paint. We don’t have many options of painting of the brand we are planning on using for it.

- Where do you plan to do you first long passage?: When we finish the refit we’re planning on going to our city, Florianópolis, it’s around 270 NM from Guarujá, where we are right now here in Brazil. After that we are thinking on travelling the coast of Brazil for a while to get some experience out seas before we go to other countries.

- Why English if we are Brazilians?: English is universal language and we can communicate with many people around the world. The idea is to travel abroad and if we speak English we can connect with people worldwide.

- Are we living on the boat if not where do you live?: We were lucky that my sister has an apartment in the same city as the boat is. So, we are living in her apartment that is around 15 minutes by car away from the marina.

- When do you think you are gonna put the boat in the water?: We could have put the boat in the water already. The plan was to spend 3 months refitting the boat and we are actually working on the refit for 4 months by now. The thing is… it’s stable to do the refitting right now. The marina is a good place to work, there are many nautical services around and they are not that expensive as many other places. As our YouTube channel has grown a lot lately we have a little more money to invest in the boat and we are doing more things than we have planned in the beginning to do on the refitting. So, we are gonna spend, we think around 2 months more. We are not sure about it. It also depends if we are gonna buy a new mast to install here or if we are gonna go to our city without a mast, just with the engine working. Also the marina we are has no many spaces in the water so it’s more expensive to be in the water and we couldn’t stay there for too long. So, we’re gonna go to the water right before going to our town.

- Are you gonna go back to finish the container house?: We want to finish the container house project to have a house in our hometown and to finish this project that we put so much love on, but we don’t know if we’re gonna go back to our city and to build the house full time, as we were doing before we started refitting the boat. We still need to decide how we are gonna deal with the house project.

- Do you have sailing experience?: Duca used to sailing since he was a child. His dad used to own a Fast 34.5 sailboat in it was their beach house. This is also our third boat. We had one Clam 19ft then a Delta 26ft and now this one. 

- What is your dream destination when you are finally seaworthy? The dream destination is Bali in Indonesia. It’s the place where all the project idea started. It would be amazing to go back there by boat this time.

- Are you planning to sail to the U.S.?:  Yes, it would be amazing.

- Do you plan on sailing to Australia?: Yes! Duca made a promise to our friend that we lived together with in Sydney in 2016 that one day we would offer a dinner to him on our cockpit in Sydney in Rushcutters Bay.

- Are we keeping the name it had or you got a new one? We’re changing the name. The name used to be Abutre (that means Vulture in English). It’s a pretty dark and heavy name and I (Roberta) doesn't like too much. We are gonna call her “Odd”. It’s a short name to remember, to call on the radio is easy because it has just 3 letters (Oscar  Delta Delta), it’s a homenage to our dear friend and it’s also a name that can have many meanings, that it’s a funny thing.

- What was the hardest and easiest job so far? I guess the hardest on was the painting of the diesel tank. And the funniest one was the cleaning of the sailboat when we bought it. 

- Are you guys going to do a cost breakdown for the refit when you are done? Yes, we are gonna talk all about the costs as soon as the refit is finished.

- Is Duca waiting to get a haircut when the boat is finally done? ;): Nop. We’re waiting for someone to ask to cut it. haha. Actually we were postponing the cut of his hair. He had asked my to cut his hair a while ago and I was afraid of cutting it, as always. He always says that if it’s not good he is gonna shave it, so I always try my best.

- How many delay we have between the day we shoot the images and the day we post the video? Sometimes we have just a day of daley. As soon as we finish one project we post it on our channel.

- Tell us your story about how you met? We had a friend in common and one day we went to the beach together and from this day one we are together.

- How tall are you two?: I’m 1.57m tall and Duca is 1.75 meters tall.  

- How old they are? I’m 36 years old and Duca is 35 years old.

- Kids in the future? Maybe. That would be great.

- Where can I find your t-shirt to buy? We have a online store. Check it out:

- Are you guys still working besides the boat? If not, how you pay your bills? Donations only or any other source?: No, documenting our journey through YouTube is our only income right now. We started the tiny shipping container house with just our savings without earning anything for almost a year. Then we started to earn some money through adsenses (all the videos and ads that are shown for you on our videos) and then we started earn some money through our supporters (Patreon and and also we started to receive some money through Paypal as a donation. This week we closed the first deal to start advertising for companies in our channel!! That’s pretty cool.

We hope we could answer all your questions. Thanks for watching us and for being part of our journey!

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