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⛵️ABANDONED SAILBOAT transformation (Discovering what 22 years of paint hide) LTP #094

It was time to start touching the old paint of the boat. Took us some time to decide until which layer we should sand the boat. There was the final paint, a green primer, a white primer, a red paint, other white primer, a gray epoxy filler, another red paint and then the the hull. We decided to sand all the hull until the red paint that was closer to the surface and to check the quality of it. So, that was the job of the guys we hired for more than a week. The bottom of the boat they used remover to remove the blue paint and to leave the black paint in place. We were afraid of losing the galvanization of the boat, so we needed to be careful on our decisions. The guys sanded all the top hull using a sander and with sandpaper and hands.

Meanwhile the last weldings were been made on our boat by Pedro Chileno. What a perfect moment for Duca to lean how to weld with TIG. Pedro tried to teach Duca how to weld using TIG, but it’s a hard welding, you need to use both hands to weld and it’s kind of hard, Duca said. He might need some time to practice it. 

It was this week also that we reached 100 thousand subscribers on our YouTube account!!! We are soooo happy to have reached this milestone. This is so amazing!! I think that if you have a YouTube channel the first goal is to reach 1.000 subscribers, then 10.000 and them 10.000 and so on. We are already on the fourth stage that is the so on!!! That means that we’re on the correct path. That we are doing what we should be doing, that people are enjoying our content. That gives us even more reason to keep going. 


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