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⛵️After 22 years abandoned 😱it's time to (pressure) wash our sailboat #092

Yep! It was about time to wash our boat on the outside! It’s incredible how much a pressure washer can do. We used the pressure washer to wash the hull and it took off all the black things that were glued on the boat, all the dusted accumulated there for 22 years. The former owner didn’t allow the marina to wash the boat to avoid taking the paint off and also the galvanization that has on the boat. I think he was right because there was some pieces of painting coming out when we used the pressure washer on it. 

The deck we’ve just used the pressure washer on the stern because we were afraid of using it close the the hatches and let the water to go inside of the boat. We washed all the rest of the deck using a hose and a brush. When the clean was done, just a superficial clean, just to take the tricker dust off, it was time to start taking metal parts off the deck. If you are curious about what we took off the deck check this week’s video. 😉

Oh! We discovered that the boat has been in this marina since May 1997, that means 22 years!!! We got the list of movements of the boat inside the marina at the reception at this week we were adding one more movement on the list of the boat, we moved to a covered area to start sanding the boat to paint it! In the beginning we thought it was a great idea going to the covered area, but in fact it got darker inside the boat and also the area is really loud and dirt as there are a lot of people working on boats there using epoxy and fiberglass, and saws and speaking load… But it’s ok, sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do and at least it’s not getting wet on the rain too much. 


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