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⛵️After 22 years abandoned our Sailboat Lifting Rudder needed some love!! 😱 LTP#096

Time to give some maintenance to our rudder. Are you curious to know how our lifting rudder works? This week we took the rudder of our sailboat off so we could give maintenance to the system, and as we did that we took the time to explain how does the lifting system works. We needed to hire someone to do the job with experience, after all the rudder is one of the main parts of a sailboat. In the end took Zé 3 days to figure out how to take the rudder and the shaft out of place. After some time we figured out how the pieces are connected, what we needed to replace, which pieces we needed to buy new ones. Now we have the solution for the flange of the shaft that we needed to cut off. We hope it works, we are confident this will work out.