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⛵️Did our sailboat ENGINE START?(after a few years)#106

It was time to try to give a try on the engine of our boat. Our engine is a MWM 229D 3 cylinders, 58HP. Our boat was built in 1991. By the way, for those who are wondering which boat is ours… it’s a Dinieper Tropic 1200, made out of galvanized steel and it has 44ft. 

The former owner didn’t use the boat for the past 22 years, but he said he was turning on the engine by time to time until 5 years ago. So, it was time to give some maintenance to it and check if it would turn on. 

First step: to find a trustful mechanic that understands about this kind of engine. After some weeks in the marina one of the security guard found THE guys for us. Junior and Wagner work with this motor and they understand a lot about it. As they guaranty that the engine would work we decided to start disassembling the engine to give some maintenance to some parts and they told us which parts we would need to buy and which part that we already had as spare parts when we bought the boat that we could use for the engine. We spent less than 100 American Dollars in new parts, plus another 200 to maintain the heat exchanger and another 600 American Dollars for their job. In the end we got a brand new engine for less than 1k American Dollars. And... yes, it worked!!!!

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