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⛵️DIY sailboat portlight installation #109

It was time to do some task by ourselves. There is some things that we would love to have installed back in place on the boat but we are scared to execute the task of installing them… the things are portlights and hatches. We would love to take off the plastics that are covering the holes on our hull and we are tired of being nervous every time that we have rain with wind (we are afraid of having rain water inside the boat, even been in a covered area sometimes it can rain inside the boat), but we are scared to install the openings. The thing is that it needs to be a well done task, otherwise we can have leakings, and worse than that, we can have leaks that we cannot see and they can go to the inside of the walls. 

Well, this week we created some courage and we installed all the 8 portlights in place. The hardest part is to apply the black Sikaflex correctly. Of course we didn’t do it perfectly, but at least we tested it for leak with a hose and some water and we don’t have any leaks. One more task done. Now we need to install all the hatches in place, but we need to have a better weather with less humidity to apply the primer for the 3M double face tape that will hold the acrylic in place.

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