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⛵️Everything went REALLY WRONG with our Sailboat's rudder!! 😱#117

We have a galvanized steel boat with a lifting centerboard and a lifting rudder. That means we can park on the beach with our boat when the centerboard is inside of the table of our salon and our boat has 1m draft in this case. When the centerboard is down we have 2.7 meters of draft. As the centerboard the rudder is also liftable and due to this our rudder have a different system. To give a proper maintenance to the system as the boat was out of water for more than 22 years we decided to disassemble the rudder to clean some parts, change other parts, paint some parts… Now it was time to assemble the whole system. One thing we needed to rebuild was the shaft of the rudder that was corroded in some parts. We bought the material, took it to the turner and he did a new tip of the shaft for us. Everything was going well on the installation of our sailboat’s rudder until we noticed that the turner had made the shaft 1 centimeter bigger than the original and all the seals where not in place when we install the system back. We got so sad when we noticed that. We knew it would need to be fixed, so we needed to find a solution. But, this is a history for a next episode.

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