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⛵️FINALLY time to start assembling our MAST #128

We are sooooo excited!! Our boat is started to be a sailboat again!! Oh! We really want to have a mast on the top of our deck, to be able to put a tent on the top of it to protect us from the sun. Having a mast is also to be one step closer to go to the water. 

On this first part of the mast assemble we managed to connect the 2 parts of our mast (yes, our mast is divided into 2 parts and we needed to connect it with screws and sikaflex), to install the 3 winches on the mast (yes, we are gonna have winches on the mast: 1 for each one of the 2 genoas and 1 for the centerboard) and we also installed our mast steps. 

It seems all easy to do, right? Just some screws. But we spent some days thinking about the steps. One of our subscribers gave us 20 aluminum steps (amazing ones) and we would need some more. Now we needed to decide how many more steps we would need! We decided to put one every 35cm alternating sides, we are not too far away one from the other (I’m 1.57cm tall and Duca is 1.75cm tall), so we can go up the mast easily. We are gonna have the spreaders as steps in some spots and also double steps in places that we need to work on the mast frequently, like close to the radar and to the antennas on the top. 

So, 20 of our steps are made out of extruded aluminum and 17 are made out of stainless steel. And how did we decide where to put them? The aluminum one is lighter and it would make sense to put them to the top of the mast. But there are some things to take in consideration. We decided to make the stainless steel one a little bit narrow on the base where we step in and it’s not that comfortable to step in it for a lot time to work. The idea is to go up the mast to check around for coral reefs, take pictures… and for sure most of the time we are gonna go just half way of the mast to do this. Another reason we decided to use the aluminum ones on the bottom is that they can support more salt water. So, we put the stainless steel up mostly for maintenance.  Also they have an anti slippery surface built in and the other one, we are gonna need to have anti slippery tape (and we’re gonna need to give maintenance to it and it’s gonna need to be with more frequency if we use it more frequently and also if it’s in contact with salt water).

Other thing is the brightness. The stainless steel is sooooo more brighter than the aluminum. So, it’s better to put them up in order to keep our view when we look forward to the bow not a bad experience of something shining into our eyes. And maybe the brightness on the top can help to emit signals to other boat’s radar.

Well, next week we’ll keep installing components on our mast!


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