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⛵️From a Tiny Shipping Container House to an Abandoned sailboat!! #113

What a year we had! We started the year building our first furniture ever! This was a huge milestone for us. We built our first furniture for our first house. January first of 2019 we had no idea what was gonna waiting for us, the unexpected change that was gonna happen in May. Everything was going as planned on the building of our tiny shipping container house. We started the year with all the windows and exterior doors in place, the insulation and the walls in place, the walls painted… the idea was to start building the bathroom, then the kitchen, the floor… But, when we were building the bathroom something happened and we changed plans completely. 

I think I told this history before, but here it goes again maybe with  some more details. hehe.

Some of you already know that since the beginning our plan was to build a tiny shipping container house to have our land base and then to build a boat. During the building of the house I convinced Duca on buying a boat half way built or some boat to refit, otherwise we were gonna spend years and years building the boat and not using it as a floating house. 

So, Duca's used to have a lot of fun searching for boats all over the world. We didn't want any kind of boats, we wanted a Brazilian flag and metal one (steel or aluminum). If you are Brazilian you are not allowed to have a boat with foreigner flag for more than 3 months here and we would love to spend some time visiting the Brazilian coast. One day he found one of his dreams projects on the internet. As it was January and we were planning on buying the boat after finishing the house in the end of the year and we didn't have the money to buy her it was not the time. On February 2019 the boat was not on the internet anymore and Duca got sad thinking that the boat had been sold. While he was sad about it we sold half of our sailboat (we had a 26ft sailboat with a partner) and Duca won money from his friend Odd, we told this history already. Now we had the money to buy it!!! Duca called the owner of the boat and discovered that it wasn't sold yet. We were soooo excited. Duca didn't sleep for days anxious. It was a Cabinho project (Roberto Barros 43 ft steel sailboat). The hull is amazing and all the wood for the interior and the mast, rudder and other parts were already included in the price of the boat. Duca had dreamed about this project for years!! On the day we planned to make an offer for the boat the owner gave up on selling it, as it was also his dream. Duca got really sad and didn't sleep well for some days, until João (our friend) showed us a picture of other steel boat that was from a friend of his friend and he said the owner might sell it and it was abandoned for around 10 years in a boatyard. As we would go to São Paulo in 2 months from that day we decided to call the owner and go to Guarujá to see the boat in person to check the real conditions of it. We meet the owner of the boat that actually wasn't for sale and we convinced the owner to sell it to us! 

So, in May our lives changed a lot!!!! We went from a tiny shipping container house building to a refit of our dream sailboat.


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