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⛵️We are selling our MAST!! (winches maintenance after 22 years)#107

This week we decided to start touching in our mast and to take off things we think we are gonna use on the new mast! Yes!! We are soooo excited: we bought a new mast!!! This week we started working with a company and we are gonna have 2 sponsored episodes. And on the same day we closed the deals we called the company that produces masts to buy the mast. Actually we were talking with the mast company for more than a month to try a sort of partnership with them as well and in the end we got a good deal. So, we bought the mast, the boom and the spinnaker pole. 

That’s so cool! Seeing our channel growing and getting such good deals is so exciting. Thanks a lot every one that is part of our journey, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you, guys. For a long time (since I met Duca 13 years ago) we would love to work producing videos and now it’s possible. We are living our dreams. The other day we did our first interview about our work for the local newspaper and the next week we did our first television interview about the refit of our boat for the national television. Who knows me since my childhood knows that I always have been really shy (Roberta here), so for me the interview for television was a brand new world, an extra step in my life, a new challenge. It’s so good to know that I can overcome my fears one more time. I have no words to describe how proud of myself I am looking back and seen how much I have grown during the last years.

Going back to the mast subject: as we are taking care of our mast we took off 4 winches that we had on the old mast to use 3 of them on the new one. As we took them off we decided to give some maintenance in all of our winches. We used kerosene, stainless steel cleaning, 400 wet sandpaper, iron brushes, teeth brushes, gloves, wipes… For greasing the winches we used blue grease that are made to use in bearings. I have watched some videos of people doing this task and I have said to Duca that he would need to use just a little bit of grease on the winch, but he thought he would need more than I was saying. In the next day he saw a video of a friend teaching us how to do it properly and he said our winches were good because there was almost no grease in them. Conclusion: we needed to clean and regrease the winch we have done and showed you guys in this episode. 

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