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How we bought our DREAM SAILBOAT!! (CRAZY PLAN) #123

From Miami we flew to New York and we spent couple days there. In Miami  the temperature was around 30 degrees Celsius, and in New York the temperature was close to zero degree Celsius, and my body (Roberta here) felt this variation. I got sick for the entire week. But, even felling bad we had a great time there. The people from UK Sailmakers loft received us in their houses and we were really well treated. We want to thank Emmett and Adam for their hospitality one more time. 

Emmett was the person that contacted us a few months ago talking about a possible partnership between us and UK Sailmakers. So, we decided to meet them in person to discuss about our sails. You might be thinking: “so, you got new sails for your boat!”. Things  not that easy when it comes to Brazil. The Brazilian laws are complicated to import something and we still need to figure out how this partnership could work. We are still trying to figure that out.

As we were in New York we decided to meet some of our subscribers. Emmett offered for us to do a presentation on their loft in Port Chester and he organized things for us. February 22, 2020 we did a presentation at their loft for around 50 people. We talked about how our youtube channel started, how we created the channel, how we decided to build a shipping container house and then a boat, how did we found our boat, how did we paid for the boat, how do we pay our bills and so on. It was soooo cool to meet in person people that have been following our journey. We had a great time!

It’s so cool to have the opportunity to share our history of live with others. Since I met Duca he was willing to working producing documentaries and I always like photography and I was always on his side in every photography or video project he had in his life.

And here we are now: after soooo many years being able to live our lives in the way we always wanted, since we met 13 years ago.


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