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⛵️It's Finally time to clean the diesel tank of our sailboat [after 22 years] #101

We finally opened the diesel tanks of our sailboat, after 22 years!! It wasn’t that bad as we had expected. Before leave the boat in the marina, Julio (The former owner of the boat) had prepared the boat for it, he full all the tanks with diesel and put some product to avoid fungi in it. Even though the diesel might be still good, we decided to exchange it because we needed to get all the tanks empty to look them inside and check if we would need to paint them. Then the bad news come… after cleaning the tanks for a week using 5 liters of ethanol and 5 liters of degrease we could check the tank carefully and we saw that we actually are gonna need to paint the tanks. We are planning on sanding the tanks with roto orbital sander and then to apply intershield on it. But, this is a subject for the future, as we still didn’t do that because the sun is back and it’s time to paint the boat!!! Finally!!!

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