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⛵️MIAMI BOAT SHOW 2020 (What a week!!) #122

This week was unimaginable!!! Everything went sooooo well in the United States! So much love in a week! This was the first time we went to the USA since our YouTube channel has grown.

We needed to go to the USA to buy clutches for our sailboat. As we needed to go there, why not to go to the Miami Boat Show? What a great idea. We had an hectic week. 

What a surprise we had. The surprise started when we were still in Brazil. 1 week before we go to the USA a subscriber of our YouTube channel (Steven) that would like to give us some incredibly good steps for our mast drove 4 hours to our friend’s house in Weston, Florida, to delivery 20 aluminum steps to us. He tried to send them to Brazil, but it would cost 500 dollars just to send them and we would need to pay the same amount in Brazil in taxes to get them. Luckily we managed to get them in the USA.

In our first day in Miami (February 12, 2020) we decided to visit a store that sells old and new things for boat, Sailorman. We were walking around trying to find other steps for our mast (as we are gonna need more than 30 and we need 4 retractable ones) and we were speaking Portuguese when August stopped us. This was the first time someone recognized us!! August said he that watches our channel and he said so many good things about us. This was just the beginning of the amount of love we received from our subscribers during this trip.

After this store we went to the Miami Boat Show. This was the first day of the show. Someone gave us the tip of applying for Media Center and this was the right decision. We filled a form on their website some days before and we were approved. The good thing is that we were able to use the media room and they had water, candies, gatorade and some foods. It saved our lives. We went to the Boat Show 4 days and we talked so much that we didn’t have time to eat and their food was our lunch for some of these days. Other thing was… a bottle of water was costing 5 dollars at the show and a hot dog 20 dollars!!! It’s a fortune!! 

Now, let’s talk about the show. What a great experience we had! Every single day someone came to talk to us saying that watches our channel and saying lovely things about us to us. Other amazing thing was… every company that we talked about a partnership were willing to partner with us, but we are in Brazil and some companies can’t do business with our country because we have to many taxes and rules.

We are refitting our sailboat in Brazil and as our YouTube channel is in English many Brazilians don’t watch it, even though we have subtitles. It was sooo amazing to be recognized and to meet other channels at the fair (Gone with the Wynns, Sailing Zatara, Sailing Soulianis and Learning the Lines). We went for dinner with the last 2 of them. 

Sunday (February 16, 2020) we had a lunch in Fort Lauderdale at Lona. It was organized by one of our Patreons (Wiley) and it was just perfect.

We have no words to describe the amazint time we had and we left Miami with the heart full of love!

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