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⛵️Our new MAST has arrived!! #121

In the previews post I talked about the waiting for our new mast! Now, our new mast has arrived!! We are soooo excited! When we said in the marina we wanted to sell our old mast no one believe we could sell a mast as a mast is something made for a specific boat, it’s not something that you normally go to a store and buy an used mast. Well, we talked in our YouTube channel that we were planning on selling our mast and we sold it in 3 days! Yes, we sold it that quick. Plus the boom, the spinnaker pole, a genoa furler and and old anchor. We bought all these parts brand new. 

The idea was to sell the mast as we are changing some things on it. We want to add a batten car for the mainsail (as the former owner said that the mainsail wouldn’t go up easily and he said he would add a batten car). To install the batten car we would need to take off the mast 227 screws that were stuck in there. We would need to hammer them out and we could cause some damage on the structure of the mast. I think this was the main reason we wanted to change the mast.

The second one is that we wanted to add a genoa on the mast and for this we would need to do some welding on the mast and we thought the mast was filled with foam. The former owner had said this to us and we were pretty sure it was, but in the end we found out that it wasn’t.

As we did a new mast we decided to raise a little bit the height of it, not too much, though, just around 15 centimeters.

Now we need to wait for some pieces of the mast to arrive to assemble the whole thing. One of the things are not produced in Brazil anymore and we are going to the USA to buy, the clutches. So, next week’s episode is gonna be in the USA. See you.


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