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⛵️Our SAILBOAT is expired (20 years)!! LTP #088

This week we decided to clean our new (that is actually new for us but it has 29 years old) sailboat before we could decide about the refit we need to do. 

When I say clean I mean 2 sorts of cleaning. First we need to find we had inside the cabinets and to throw a lot of things away and then to clean the boat with some cleaning products. It’s incredible how many things you can put inside of this model of a sailboat. 

There are sooo many good stuff that they left inside the boat: spare pieces for the engine and for the mast, a lot of cookware, gloves and weather clothes appropriate to sailboats, old drinks like whisky that are still sealed and drinkable and they must cost a fortune nowadays and sooo many other cool things.

The former owners have lived in this boat for 8 months traveling across the Brazilian coast from Ubatuba (São Paulo) to Bahia. After that they went back to Guarujá (São Paulo) in May 1997 and since then the boat is on the same place. Plans changed in their lives, they got 2 daughters and they decided that it was time to let the boat gain another life in some other people hands. We were the couple that they choose to have the pleasure of being the new owners of their boat. We no have words to appreciate their choice of choosing us. 

Many people tried to buy their boat along all this years the boat was on the marina, but Julio (the former owner) never wanted to sell it. It was never his intention to sell the boat. We got to him just on the right time and with the right project of life.


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