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⛵️Our SAILBOAT is in QUARANTINE!! An ODD Sailboat TOUR!! #131

Different times we are living now with covid19. We were allowed to go to the boat for some time this week. We are in between quarantines. The first quarantine was supposed to finish but the government decided to extend it. So, we have a day gap to “work”. We couldn’t do much, so we decided to show how is the actual water system of our boat to be able to study about the new system we want to install. 

The quarantine gave us some time to think and plan things. We noticed for instance that we use a lot more the freezer than the fridge. We use more of some products than we remembered: olive oil, flour, egg, onion… Other difference in our routine is the supermarket routine that has changed. We need to wear masks to go to the supermarket and wash and disinfect all the products that we buy. We need almost a whole day to buy products.

We have been spending the quarantine at my sister's apartment in the same city as the marina is. We are editing a lot of videos, watching a lot of Netflix (watching Blind Spot now), eating a lot...

The quarantine is similar to a preparation for a long passage. So, we are glad we are able to do our part staying at home and helping to avoid to spread the virus around. I wish everyone could be able to stay at home and this virus could go away quickly.

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