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⛵️REFIT of our ABANDONED Sailboat 💪(the plan) #089

It's about time to plan how the refit our sailboat is gonna go. We have 3 months of discount on the price of the marina we are, so we have a timeline to finish the necessary on the boat to go from Guarujá to Florianópolis by water.

As we don't have to much time we need to hire professionals to do some jobs, meanwhile we do other jobs. We need to hire people to see the engine, to paint the boat, to check the electric and to weld. Meanwhile we are gonna prepare the boat for painting (clean the dust, take some tracks off, take some other metal pieces off, take the eva off…). We bought batteries straight from the factory and we are waiting for them to arrive, we still have one week more to wait for them. With the batteries in place it's gonna be time to call the electrician to install them in place and to check all the 110v, 220v, short power and to teach us how to change the lamps to LED. With the energy working we can test all the pumps and to check all the hoses and the water system. We need to change the necessary hoses to go to Florianópolis and the rest we can do there with calm and time. 

Meanwhile, the expert in mechanics checked the engine system and we needed to buy some pieces for him to change in the engine. He will change whatever is necessary and also to teach us how to do all this and how to do what we can do without him (like painting and cleaning some spots). So, now we're waiting for the pieces to arrive to be possible to turn on the engine. 

We also need to fix our dingue that has some holes on it. We need to take all the acrylic of the portlight and the hatches. 

And we also have some other things to do and also to coordinate the professionals we’re hiring to do the jobs. This is our routine in the moment.


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