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⛵️Refitting an Abandoned Sailboat (22 YEARS LATER) *THE REALITY #124

We are back in the boatyard in Guarujá, Brazil! After some days away we are back to our boat refit. Between the USA and Guarujá we drove to our hometown, Florianópolis to visit our family and friends and to get our ropes for the boat and also all the electronics we had bought for the boat that were in Florianópolis. 

Back in the boatyard we started assembling the mast with Zé do Mastro and Batata (his employee). It’s gonna take a while to be ready, like a month, as there are many thing to mount on the mast. 

While they were assembling the mast we were cutting the gasket for the seal of the diesel and water tanks. During this days there was rain and we found out that there was a leak on our boat!!!! What?! We had no idea where it was coming from in the beginning. Then we started looking around and we conclude that it should be from the windlass. 

On this week’s episode of our YouTube channel we also showed when Eduardo painted our water tank in January this year. Took him a week to finish painting the primer and the 3 coats of Interline 850 from International. Actually the water tank was not that bad as we thought it would be after been closed for 22 years full with water inside. The paint went out easily using the needle scaler. 

Well, as we still needed to open the windlass to check and some parts inside of the boat we decided to show you guys if we found to source of the leak next week.


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