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⛵️Refitting an abandoned sailboat is a lot of work!! 👫💪🏼#098

Time to try to organize our boat and put the EPSs and ceiling panels back to place. I forgot to put in the video, but I have named the pieces to be easier to find them. I put the pieces of EPS inside a garbage bag and I wrote on it where were the pieces from. So, it was a little bit easier to assemble the huge puzzle. I also tried to keep the pieces close to the places they belong to facilitate the process. Even though I tried to get things organized, took us around 3 days to get the job done. We wanted to use the old copper screws that we already had in the boat because we think they look beautiful on the wood. We tried to buy new ones with another head that is not a flat one, but we couldn't find it, just with flat heads and they are kind of shine. We are not using electric drill because we are afraid of getting the screws into a bad shape. So, we needed to use our fingers and arms, hehe. 

We also decided to take off all the wood around the hatches to change them, as they were in a bad shape due to some water that was leaking from the hatches that were without assistance for 22 years. We decided to take them off now otherwise it would be hard to take it out in the future with the hatches in place. They wood is glued on the boat with epoxy and to take it off we need to hit it strongly with a chisel and a hammer and we were afraid of hitting the hatches and have problems in the future. It's better because in this way we can treat the steel under the wood with paint before we put another brand new wood in place again. 

Our friend João was here again to help us. He arrived Friday night and we told him we would clean and grease the winches next day. When we arrived at the marina we changed our minds and we don't even touch the winches, 😂😂😂. We decided to finish installing the ceiling panels and also to take off the wood around the hatches and paint the spots. That's the beauty of building or refitting something on your own, you can change your mind whenever you want to and that's okay. I love to work with no routine, not knowing what is gonna happen tomorrow, to know that plans can change every time, that we are the owners of our time.

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