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⛵️Restoration of our sailboat's hatches! #111

What a long story to tell! We need to tell the history of our hatches since the day we started taking them off to paint the boat, this was in July 2019. The stainless steel screws went out pretty easy, but then we started cleaning the hatches and it was when we spent more than a week working on them. We needed to take of some rubber cord that was glued with contact glue, a rubber seal that was glued with a sort of white silicone (once upon a time it was white now it was kind of yellow) and a transparent silicone that was gluing another rubber. I think this last one was the trickiest one to take off. We tried to use the utility knife to take most of it off from the hatch, then we tried to use something that removes glue, and in the end we spent hours taking this off and it wasn’t all of it off. After trying really hard to clean well all the hatches we took them to be sandblasting. And that’s the reason why we took so long cleaning them… the sandblast machine that they used didn’t take well soft materials, as the sand just bounce on the soft material and it doesn’t take them off. 

After the sanding we decided to re anodize them, as there were some spots of corrosion on the aluminum. A friend that by that time we had just met works fixing and installing hatches (Rafa from Renew Boats) was going to anodize some hatches for his clients and took our hatches with him to be anodized. 

After they came back from the anodization there were tooooo many holes that were spots with some impurities that the anodization took off and in the end we decided to have them all painted. 

Could we paint them with electrostatic paint? Yes, we probably could. But we didn’t know if they would have a good bond after been anodized and also we wanted to cover all the holes of them. That’s why we decided to spray paint with the same paint we used for our deck. We didn’t paint them by ourselves as we didn't have a proper environment to paint them. We hire Marcio to paint them and he prepared a place to work with them and he spent 2 weeks preparing them, painting with primer, sanding, painting primer again, fill the holes with some clear epoxy, sanding, painting with the epoxy final paint, sanding again, painting again… In the end he sanded and painted some of them again to have perfect hatches, like the one that a mosquito stopped by and stayed glued there, hehe.

The quality of the final work is amazing!! The hatches seems to be brand new!!

When they were ready we needed to wait like a month to start gluing the acrylic on them as we were working with other tasks in the boat and we wouldn’t have space to work with them there. But this is a history for another day. So, it’s  to be continued...

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