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⛵️Sailboat EXTREME makeover!! [after 22 years on the hard] (Part 1) LTP#099

We started this week’s video with a image of the first time we saw our boat. The feeling of seeing her for the first time was amazing. How could a sailboat have been on the hard for 22 years old and it could still be in this amazing condition!?! Almost no rust on the hull, the paint still seemed to be really good, after all it’s a galvanized boat, so the galvanization kept the boat in a pretty good condition. 

This week we decided to talk about all the preparation of the primers and fairing compound that were applied on the boat that needed to be done to be ready for the final paint. By now, one of the things that we are really glad we hire someone to do for us was the painting job. We would spend months and months just sanding all the boat and doing nothing else. We would be bored of doing this and we wouldn’t have any different video to show other than the sanding process for more some months. Nobody would be happy if we would have done all this by ourselves

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