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⛵️Sailboat EXTREME makeover!! [after 22 years on the hard] (Part 3) #102

Time to paint the boat with his final color!! As we have a steel boat we cannot paint it in a cold and humid weather, the plate of the boat doesn't heat enough and it’s not good for the painting. So, we needed to wait for one week to have the best weather. After one week the sun was shining and it was time to start the painting process. For that, the painters still needed to sand the boat a little bit more. So, Monday was all about sanding again. 

Continuing the process of painting… when the guys painted her in orange (Yes! The color is orange!!) we saw a lot of mistakes and we decided that they should sand her a little bit more mainly in some spots. What a difference a good sand can do! Then, it was time to wait for better days to paint her in orange again. 

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