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⛵️Sailboat on the hard for 22 years 💰 How much did it cost? #091

This week’s video we talk about the cost of our sailboat and also about the story behind the name of our channel. Somehow these 2 are connected and we’re gonna to explain why.

Let’s start with the first question? How much did we pay for a sailboat that was on the marina for 22 years? We paid US$50,000. Is this price too much? Not if you consider the Brazilian price. We’re not allowed to import used boats to Brazil to protect the Brazilian nautical industry (there are I guess less than 10 boat factories in Brazil, but they say they want to protect the industry). So there are not many options of boats in Brazil and it turns the product expensive. Other thing is that we want to have a Brazilian flag for our boat, otherwise we’re not allowed to stay in Brazil with the boat I guess for more than 3 months, and you cannot go in and out for too many times. So, for a Brazilian boat it was a good price for a 44ft steel hull sailboat.

How can be the price connected to the story of the channel? If you think about “how could we afford paying for the boat” you are gonna find the answer. Duca got a heritage from an American friend of his dad that passed away and this paid one part of the boat. When Duca’s dad was a teenager he went for an exchange student program in USA and he had a good friend there. When Duca was a kid they get in touch again and his friend came to Brazil for the first time. He liked Brazil so much and used to come to Brazil every single year. As Duca’s dad was working Duca was the one that were in charge to take the American friend out. Duca was around 12 when he learn how to speak English with this guy. It was also the person that let Duca uses a photography camera for the first time and Duca loved it. When Duca was 19 and he was studying Business school in university he went to this guy’s company in Easton, Pennsylvania for an internship. Also another 17 Brazilians worked in his company throughout 10 years. Years ago the American guy did a surgery and he thought he would die and wrote a last will. He didn’t die by that time, but he had a heart attack years later and they discovered that all the 18 Brazilians were in his last will. With his money we could afford to pay for the boat, and also half of our other sailboat (26ft Delta) that we sold and with the Patreons support. The name of this American friend was Odd. Yep, we named our channel after this guy that was important in Duca’s life. 


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