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⛵️Stainless Steel! LET'S GET STARTED!! #120

One of the materials that you can find in a boat is stainless steel and our boat ain’t different. 

When we bought our boat that was sitting in the same marina for over 22 years without washing the exterior we were amazed by the quality of the stainless steel of it. No corrosion at all (it’s called stainLESS steel, so that means that it can still rust). We had 2 boats before this one we by time to time we would need to clean some corrosions on the stainless stain. But, our boat now has an amazing quality of stainless steel. 

But, we thought it was time to do some extra projects using stainless steel. 

When we bought the boat (10 months ago) the initial idea was to do the essential to put the boat in the water (painting of the exterior, engine, mast maintenance and some electrical project) and to tackle other projects in our hometown (that is 700km from where we are refitting the boat). 

As our YouTube channel started going way better than we planned we got some money to do some extra projects on the boat in the marina where we are. And some of them take some time to be done. We decided to sell our mast and to buy a new one and now we need to wait for the pieces to assemble the mast to arrive. We decided to open and to treat the diesel and water tanks of our boat and it took a while to be done. And last, but not least, we decided to weld some more stainless steel on our boat.

We have a lot of projects going on related to stainless steel on our boat while we are waiting for the mast and its pieces. We decided to have rigid rails on our boat and to run a hose inside the starboard side to take water from the stern to the bow of the boat. Pedro, the welder, is working on this project for more than a month now. 

Other projects: We also have done and extra filter for our diesel tank; Pedro fixed our barbecue grill as a gift for us; we need to think in a different support for our new anchor that doesn’t fit on the old support on the bow; we are gonna add and extra arch on our central cockpit; we reinforced our stern arch to have more solar panels and to put the dinghy up there; we refit the ladder of our stern platform; and some other projects.

We are pretty excited with the refit of our boat! We can’t wait to see her in the water!!

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