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⛵️Testing our abandoned sailboat's electrical systems (after 22 years) LTP#095

We finally have lights in our boat! We actually can't celebrate it yet because our inverter/charger is not working, so the batteries aren't charging and we need to use the shore power to be able to have the lights on. Good news is… all the outlets are working, all the lamps are working, the fans, the fridge, and some other equipments. But, bad news is: some other equipments aren't working, as some bilge pumps, the boiler, the navigation instruments, diesel generator, wind turbine,  among others. These we are gonna fix with time. We also want to change one of the toilets for an electrical one and the bilge pump of one of the 2 heads (bathrooms) for an electrical one. The configuration that we have right now is all manual, the toilet and the bilge pump. 

We are glad we have the batteries in place but without the inverter working we cannot use the shore power because we cannot convert the energy to use the lamps of the boat that are 12 volts and in this way, we cannot use the light inside the boat until we fix the inverter, otherwize we are gonna use the energy from the battery and we don’t have any way to charge them now.