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⛵️The reality of buying an abandoned Sailboat (22 years on the hard) Made of Steel  #093

Well, when you buy a boat that was abandoned for so long you need to be aware that surprises can appear. In our case, when we saw the boat for the first time we already knew that we would have some rust to fix on the boat. So, this week was time to fix the rusts on the boat. But in order to do that we needed to take apart a lot of our ceiling inside of the boat (the ceiling is made of galvanized steel, then it has a 5cm EPS to insulate it and a board of marine plywood with laminated. All this was well screwed and some parts of the wood around the "windows" (hatches) were glued with an epoxy glue. This wood we needed to break and we lost all of it. We need to build new pieces of wood to screw there again, but I guess we are gonna do this in our city because we have a friend that has a wood shop there and we can use his place. 

At least this week we have friends (João and Lina) visiting us and we have some extra hands to take the screws off. We are not using the drill machine to avoid scratching the wood. João has a friend in common with the former owner and that's how we found this boat to buy. This friend told João about the boat and João told us about it. To "pay” for the help they were allowed to try every single booze we had opened inside the boat for all these years. hehehe. We have no problems with that and they are still alive. hehe. 


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