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⛵️The transformation of our mast + greasing a winch properly #108

Why are you selling your mast? If it’s for sell it’s still good, right? These are the 2 questions we have read a lot lately.

We are gonna change the sail plans (add one genoa, add a batten car, change the spreaders that were made of wood...) of our mast and we also are gonna have a new mast almost 1 meter higher than the old one, the old one measures 15.15 meters. The reason why is because we talked to some owners of boats that are the same as ours and they said this boat needs a lot of sail to be able to sail as she is heavy (14 tons). We are not gonna get it higher than this because we live in an island (Florianópolis, Brazil) and we have bridges to pass underneath and we are gonna have the mast shorter than the clearance of the bridge, that is close to 18 meters. 

Another thing is…This week we watched together some videos about how to grease winches and we this time Duca used the correct amount of grease and used machine oil in some parts of the winches. Last week I have watches some videos by myself and I told Duca that he would need to use just a tiny amount of grease on it, but he didn’t believe the amount I was talking about was enough. Conclusion: he needed to clean and grease again the winch we have done last week. It was okay because after cleaning 8 winches we got pros on the cleaning winches job. hehe. It’s actually a fun job to do. I guess I’m not gonna think it’s bad to clean them all over again once a year. hehe. 

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