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⛵️This CANNOT FAIL!! 😨 #130

When we bought our sailboat, that was abandoned on the hard for over 22 years, we had two main problems that could result in a mast falling. A broken stay terminal and also the fact that the spreaders that were made out of wood were completely rotten. And that's exactly what we are going to replace today. 

This week we also had something to decide: the height of the gooseneck. The gooseneck is the connection in between the boom and the mast, and as you can tell screwing it in place is pretty straight forward, it's exactly like screwing any other mast accessory. As you probably know by now we are building our mast and rigging system from scratch and as we didn't make the sails for our boat yet, we have the freedom to decide exactly the height we want for the boom. If the boom is too low in order to have head clearance on the cockpit we would  need to have a huge angle on the boom, if we had the boom too high it would be terrible to work on the boom whenever necessary. Well at one point we needed to decide. So we tried to find a sweet spot and for our boat we believe it is 1.3 meters in between the boom and the deck.

Until now all the installation on the mast we could have done all by ourselves, there was no problem to commit any mistake, but now the things got serious. We could have done the stays and terminals by ourselves, but we prefer to hire someone with 30 years of experience to teach us how to do it. If something goes wrong in this part of the assembly of the mast we can lose the mast and to risk our lives. Zé do Mastro knows soooo much about masts and we are learning so much with him while helping him to assemble our mast.

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