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⛵️Time to FILL UP our DIESEL tank?!? #127

Yey! We are one step closer to go to the water! The pure nitrile rubber had arrived and it was time to start playing with this puzzle. In order to low the price of the rubber we bought a square of rubber and decided to cut it into stripes and to prepare it to use as a seal for our diesel tank. So, to get the gasket ready for the tank we needed to cut it into stripes, cut some different formats for the tips to attach one tip to the next one and to form a square and to make some holes for the screw. We borrow a tool to make the holes with Reginaldo, the guy that had sandblast the diesel tank lids at him shop, and we borrow a hammer with Pedro, the welder. It was like a week of work, as we were working with this at the same time we needed to make some decisions with Zé do Mastro, that is assembling our mast and also to film Zé assembling our mast. It was like a lot of jobs at the same time: prepare the gaskets, help Zé to make decisions and to film all these to prepare and episode for you! Oh! We also went to some stores this week and change some engine hoses, in this way we have all the hoses for the diesel line new and ready to be used.

Now we need to glue the tips of the gaskets together and to close the diesel tank. But, thinking better, we don’t think it’s a smart move to close the diesel tank now, as we actually don’t know when we’re going to the water and how long the diesel will need to be sitting there without use. So, before closing the whole diesel tank the idea is: we’re gonna close one of 9 diesel tank lids to put the batteries back in place, then we’re gonna install the batteries, change all the water hoses, install the water pump, close the water tank and thennnn to close the diesel tank. We see you next week and we’re gonna talk a little bit about our mast.


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