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⛵️Time to fix an old problem of our abandoned sailboat #116

There is something in our boat that is different from many other boats. We have all the through holes welded above the waterline. They are made of steel (as the boat) and have ½” of thickness and they are really strong. This is good as we can even change valves inside the water with no salt water coming inside of the boat. But it’s hard to treat and paint inside the through holes. 

We spent months trying to figure out how to take the rust and bugs from the inside of the tubes to make sure they were ready to be painted. Then, we had another thing to think about: which paint system we were gonna use there. 

We decided to order a stainless steel brush to clean it. Then we closed with tape the bottom of the through hole and to fill the pipes with thinner and then to open the tape on the bottom. So, we used 3 different kinds of paint. The first one was Interseal from International, a really hard paint and it needed to be diluted. Then the primer for the antifouling and then the antifouling. We applied all this 3 paintings using the same system we used for the thinner, we closed the bottom for a while.

It wasn’t an easy process as the paint was heavy and it started to leak. Duca and Eduardo that were working doing the process ended up all dirted with paint. Duca was pretty tired in the end of the day as he needed to go up and down from the boat to get the paints from the bottom to apply on the next pipe. Oh! I forgot to mention that all the process needed to be done on the same day to be able to paint on the top of the other paint without the need of sanding between layers. It was a tough day, but them managed to do it and it seems that it worked.  

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