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⛵️Time to GET DIRTY#132

We are in quarantine due to covid 19 and now we are allowed to go to the boat every Monday and Tuesday. Monday’s is the day we post our video on Youtube, so this Monday we didn’t went to the marina, as we needed to post the video and answer messages. So, this week we just worked Tuesday. 

We worked a lot! We took all the hoses of our water system off!

People have been asking us some common questions and we are gonna try to answer them. 

Why we didn’t use the old hoses to put the new ones in place? The old ones were too dry and old and we needed to cut them into little pieces to be able to take them off. The new ones are gonna have accessible and easy space to pass them through. The other thing is that we are gonna change some routes of some hoses and also we want to paint the wood where they were before with stain and it’s gonna be easy if there is no hose there. 

Why we didn’t use a wet vac to take the water out from the hoses? We do have one, but I (Roberta) hate to clean the wet vac after using it for liquids. 

Why we didn’t left the water goes out from the hoses and then we could dry the boat? We have a steel boat and we were afraid of leaving some water in places that we could forget to dry and we could have some corrosion. Also, there are a lot of wood without treatment and we didn’t want to get them wet.

Well, these were the most asked questions, there were some more and we are gonna try to answer all of them in some video about the water system.

 It was such a good feeling take all that old hoses out of our sailboat! We can’t wait to have all the water system working on our boat!! 

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