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⛵️Time to make a decision about our DIESEL TANK (USA meet up dates and venues) #119

Finally!!! After 4 months we finally were able to treat the diesel tank of our boat! What was the problem with our diesel tank? We have a galvanized steel boat and the diesel tank is part of the hull. When we open the lids of the tank months ago we noticed that there were some spots of rust on the tank and we needed to treat it. Our tank has around 650 liters and it was painted with a painting really strong for diesel tank and underneath this paint there was coal tar. Taking all this paints to treat and repaint the tank wasn’t that easy. Duca sprained his ankle December 30 and as it was beginning of January his ankle was too bad to work. We needed to hire someone to do the job to finish the tank. We hired Eduardo, the same person that was working on the painting job of our hull. He spent 2 weeks to treat the tank. It was a really bad job. He used paint stripper in most of the places and also the needle gun. Before painting we also used a sand paper and cleaned the tank with thinner. We used Interline 850 from International, that is a paint recommended to diesel tanks and it’s made out of phenolic epoxy. We are really content with the result we got!



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