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⛵️Transformation of our sailboat's deck (after 22 years on the hard) [Non-Skid] LTP#105

The transformation of the deck of our sailboat started almost the same week as we arrived in Guarujá (Brazil) to start the refitting of our sailboat (June 17, 2019). One of the first things we needed to do to start working on the deck was to take the old EVA from the deck. We spent some days taking this off using a spatula and making sure we didn’t scratch the paint at the point of reaching the metal of the boat. As we have a hot galvanized steel boat we were afraid of scratching the metal and to have some corrosion in the future. Second step: start disassembling things from the deck, such as tracks of the genoas, mast, cables, some metal parts, winches, stoppers, hatches and portlights… 

After that it was around one and a half months of 4 people sanding the whole hull of the boat, including the deck. Then it was time to paint the primer, the iced white that we used for the deck and the awl grip. 

At first we wanted to use kiwi grip, but it’s not available in Brazil and it’s almost impossible to import chemicals from other countries. So, second choice: griptex from awl grip. We also couldn’t find the medium coarse in Brazil and a friend of ours brought 3 cans of the medium coarse from Peru for us and we found a ticker coarse in a store in another state here in Brazil. The painting technician had said that we would need 4 cans of griptex, but in the end we used 2 and a little bit of the third one. To get a proper thickness for our deck that has a big angle, we decided to mix all the cans together and then separate the mixture again in the 4 cans. Now we have one can to use when our deck becomes more slippery with time because it loses the grip. And the other we might sell to someone that needs it. 

In the end there is one part of the deck we think that could have been more non-slippery and the painters need to prepare the surface again and paint it. 😞

Now we need to start assembling the deck back: hatches, portlights, winches, tracks… But for that we need to clean and treat every single one of this pieces and check if we need to buy new screws for them. 

Now begins the part that we have some work to do by ourselves. We are anxious to start it.

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