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⛵️UPDATED Tour of our abandoned Sailboat (2.5 months of refit after 22 years on the hard) #097

Time to tell you guys how the refit of our sailboat is going until now. Today’s video is a long 44 minutes video with no cuts and no editing showing how the boat is now and talking about what we have done and what we still have to do on the refit. We have a friend with us, João (that is actually one of our Patreons), helping on the tour and asking us some questions. We also talked about our plans for the future. It was an interest video to shoot, almost a live stream with our audience. 

We have sooooo many good feedbacks about this video. We are so happy we are been able to accomplish the mission of refitting this abandoned sailboat. Of course we still have a long way to go until we finish the main refit to take the boat to our city (Florianópolis, Brazil) that is located 270 miles from Guarujá (Brazil), where we are right now. 

We are also sooooo happy with the growing of our channel and with all the lovely messages we have been receiving lately. It couldn’t be better. What a nice time we are having right now.

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