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⛵️We are so Excited!!! 🎉We are finally done installing our sailboat's hatches!!! 😍#115

Our boat is watertight!!! 

There are so many steps involved in the restoration of hatches that we took weeks to finish preparing and installing all of them. We needed to glue the acrylic (plexiglass) on the hatches and for this we needed to apply a mask to protect the double tape from the sun, them primer for the tape, then the tape, then industrial silicone between the border of acrylic and hatches, then sikaflex on the inside (with primer first) on the corner to cover the tape. So, it was ready to be installed.

We first installed all the port holes of our boat thinking it was the hardest job to do among all the hatches and portholes. We were wrong. The big hatches (59x59cm and 69x69cm )of the cockpit were hard the hardest ones to install. 

The black sikaflex dries quick and we need to clean all we want to clean of it while it's wet. In the end is a job that we need to execute in a hurry and to take the tape as quick as we can. When we were installing the biggest one we still had one of the 59x59cm open and covered with a paper on the top and when we were preparing the biggest one to be installed Duca stepped on the paper on the top of the 59 and twisted his ankle. Poor him. He needed to stay quiet for a while to heal the foot and for him to be quiet is a tough thing. In the end we took some time (as Duca needed to rest) to finish installing all the hatches, but now they are in place and the foot is getting better. 


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