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⛵️We FINALLY painted our abandoned sailboat 🤩(after 22 years on the hard)!! #100 (painting part 2)

The weather has been playing with us lately. This week we moved to the painting cabin! But to paint the boat we need not just to be in a covered area, but we need to avoid having any high humidity in the air, otherwise the painting process can be compromised. This week was a wet week and we could paint the 5 layers of the final color on the boat in one day. But we couldn’t apply any more painting. But, guess what? We saw a lot of failures on the hull after they painted it orange! Yes!! This was the color we’ve chosen for our boat. It’s a different color, it’s not ordinary. We were looking for a different color and Duca convinced me that orange would be a good color to be seen from far away. Now, I can’t imagine our boat in another color. hehe. It seems that orange was the perfect fit for her. 

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