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⛵️We found RUST on our freshly painted steel sailboat!! 😱#125

You know when you are looking for something and you find other thing? This was what happened this week. We were trying to find the leak we had on our boat and we found some rust on our deck.

 This week we were focus on stopping any water to go inside the boat. Yep, we found a leak on the boat next week and it was time to fix it.

We were pretty sure the leak was coming through the windlass, but at the same time we were almost sure the windlass screws were welded to the hull of our steel boat. The only way to found out about it was taking the windlass out from the deck. 

When we took it off of the deck we saw some rust on the deck where it was!! It was humid on the top of the deck, so we assumed that somehow there was some water going inside and accumulating in between the windlass and the deck. Well, somehow we would need to treat the rust. We used needle scaler, then some hand sand and phosphoric acid. Then we cleaned it with thinner and apply Intershild then Interline (as we ran out of Intershild) and then 3 layers of Polyurethane (the same paint of the whole deck). 

While we were waiting for the paint to dry in between layers we decided to found out where the leak was starting. We discovered that inside the pipe of the anchor chain there was a hose and we decided to change that, thinking it would solve our problem. We bought a rubber hose to replace the old plastic one, changed the clamps for 2 new stainless steel on for each connection between the hole and the pipe and applied sikaflex 195UV on the tips of the hose. 

We thought it was the problem and we wouldn’t have any leaks anymore.


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