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⛵️We had a surprise with our engine bilge!! #110

What a dirty job to do. We decided to start getting things around the engine done. For this we would need to clean the bilge under the engine and this was a hard job. It’s a hard place to access and also the liquid that was there was terrible. There was oil, water, algaes and we don’t know what else. When we started touching that thing (with gloves of course) the smell started to get worse. When we arrived on the stern cabin the smell of it was terrible. The cabin is the deepest place and it’s where the liquid accumulate. I don’t know how many liters we took off from there, I think it was around 20 liters of liquid. Took us some days to get the bilge cleaned and without any bad smell. The first day we cleaned using some wipe and a glass as a container to take the liquid off there. We left it with water and degrease. The second day we found a shop vac and we took off the liquid from there using the vacuum. We put more water, liquid soap and powder soap and on the other day we took the water off again. Then we put just water there and took it off. In the end, after it was dried, we applied a WD just to guaranty we don’t have any rust there. Of course we need to be alert if we have any leak or rust there and that’s the reason why we cleaned this place now. First we tacked the engine and if something had fallen from the engine we wouldn't need to clean this place twice and now we can see if there is anything there. So, from time to time we need to take a closer look there. 

Second task we did that is related to the engine was to close the cover of the engine room. We took it to be painted and to redo the seal. Now it was time to put it back in place. Until now we had no idea about how to work with sikaflex properly and the result of our sealing work wasn’t the best one. We are kind of perfectionists and we don’t like to have our job done in a way that is not the best one. Now we are gonna need to clean all the mess we did there. After this day we learned that we could have used liquid soap to have a smooth sika finishing when we did the portlights. Maybe one day we can fix what we have done. 

Back to the engine bilge… We are sooo happy that after cleaning the engine bilge we didn’t find any spot of rust there!!! We were afraid of finding rust there because it’s a hard place to clean, we don’t have access to every part of the bilge. This was the greatest news of the week!! Other than this one we had another amazing news: we sold our mast!! Yey!! Gerson, the guy that bought our mast lives in the Amazon forest, far away from Guarujá, where we are refitting the boat right now. He bought our mast, furler, boom, spinnaker pool and also one anchor. He is gonna hire a truck to pick all these things here. He is building a 36ft steel sailboat by himself (you might already know that building a steel boat was Duca’s dream), we are really excited that our old mast is going to be part of such a nice project.

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