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⛵️We thought we were done painting our sailboat!! 😅#126

Well, this week we were finally able to show you all the steel plates of the interior of our sailboat painted!! Yes, we finished the painting of our diesel and water tank and also the bilges of our boat!! We thought we have finished painting all the places of the boat, but we forgot 2 places: the plate underneath the v-berth on the bow and 3 flanges that we have available to install instruments. Well, I guess they are tasks that are gonna need to wait a little bit more.

The corona virus has spread all over the world and it’s time to stay away from the boat for at least 2 weeks. Yes, we are gonna stay in quarantine in my sister’s apartment (Roberta here) in the same city as the boat is (Guarujá, Brazil). We were lucky to find a boat in the same place as we could have a place to stay as the boat is a mess right now. We already bought food to stay one month without the need of going to groceries and we are gonna just eat at home for at least a month. 

We feel like we are getting prepared for a boat trip, but with no internet limit. We are taking this time to edit videos, to prepare some new content, to read books, study need projects, Duca is playing some guitar for us, we watch some netflix series and rest a little bit. We are anxious to go back to the boat refit and get the boat ready to be able to do all we have been doing living on our boat.

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