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⛵Our mast needed to go down (NOT A CHOICE) #090

Yep, we need to put the mast down. This was the mast’s decision, not ours. Before we bought the boat one stay turnbuckle of the mast broke and it was dangerous to keep the mast lifted. We had the idea of opening the genoa to check it out and something broke, so we were afraid of keeping the mast as it was. 

We tried to call a crane to remove the mast, but there was no crane available. Then a friend of our friend was around and he had an idea, to put the mast down using the Travel Lift of the marina. This was a calculated risk and in the end it went really well. If you want to know a little bit more about the solution check this week’s video. 

We spent the week sourcing for people to paint the boat, we had 3 different prices for the service and we still had to decide which one to choose. The first price was too expensive in our point of view (almost 3 thousand dollars just for tapes, plastics, sand papers and scaffolding… just too much). The second price was to paint the boat straight with the painter, but he was still finishing the paint of another boat and we would be the responsibles for his service and there won’t have any guaranty of his service. Then, we found out our last option and the one we choose is the same team that helped us to put the mast down. They are gonna be responsible for contracting the painters and they are gonna give us the guaranty of their service. They are gonna start sanding the boat really soon and for this we need to get the boat prepared to be painted. And that’s what we’re gonna do next week.


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