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1 sheet of plywood CANOPY - Living Tiny Project - Episode 038

We have good news! From now on Odd Life Crafting is gonna have 2 episodes in a week. So if you enjoy just the building part and you don’t like the talking parts you can keep seen our Monday’s episodes. But if you want something more than just the building you can follow our Odd Talk on Thursdays!!

Yep, that’s right, we are gonna have episodes twice a week from now on.

So, this Monday we showed you the challenge of building a canopy using one sheet of plywood! We showed how we cut the pieces and assembled it together forming our canopy for our entry door.

It was also on Monday that we opened our first gift!! Matt from USA made a handmade leather cover with our logo for us!! It’s sooo cool and beautiful! We loved it! It’s amazing to see that people from far away want to support us!

On Thursday is the day that we talked about the canopy’s concept, the material we chose and the challenges we needed to overcome. We also did our first unboxing!!! We were sooooo excited to receive our first gift from a company. It’s a light with a bluetooth speaker. If you want to know more about it, this is the product:

We still need to do the finishings of the canopy. But that’s a subject for next week’s episode.