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DIY - Tiny Shipping Container House 

What is gonna be our next project? Well, we are back in Brazil and with new plans.

What second season will be the about?

Since the beginning we have been thinking on producing a project that we could change the subject from time to time. Then this second season is a result of a problem that we had when we came back to Brazil. When we moved to Australia we sold most of the furniture we had and returned the apartment we used to rent. So now, we need to find a place to live.

In 2008 we heard about a movement called Tiny House. It started in United States and has been growing. The thing is to minimize what you have for the minimum you need. And the theory is simple, the smaller the house is less you spend on it.

This movement has a lot in common with another one called Minimalist. Actually, I guess since I was born I'm the same way. I like to live with less as possible. So, it's about having what you need for your way of life.

Some of the reasons why someone would live in a tiny house could be:

- cost: you need to spend less money to build, to maintain, to heat it up, to cool the house, you can pay for the house really quick as it will cost less to build,  and so on;

- maintenance: you need to spend a short time to clean it up and to keep this organized;

- free time: as you need less time to keep it organized you have more free time to enjoy life!

The thing is… as we don’t have that many stuff by now it’s a perfect fit for us.

As all we have now is time, we decided to take a whole year building our house by ourselves and register that as a documentary for our youtube channel. And that will be the second season of Odd Life Crafting and it will be called Living Tiny Project.

So, we bought 2 shipping containers of 20 feet and we waited for more than 3 months for they. It should be delivered to us in 30 days. Then we decided to ask for the money back and we bought the container with another company. They didn’t have any 20 feet containers and we decided to get one 40 feet HC (High Cube). In Brazil just the 40 feet exists as HC, that is 30 centimeters higher than the regular ones. In the end, after all this misunderstanding we were glad because we “gained” 30 centimeters in height and it makes a HUGE difference.

Do you want to know more about the project? Stay tuned for the next season!