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A Huge milestone for us!! (let's play Mario Bros) LTP #073

We finally finished installing the drainage system!! Yep! We did it!! All by ourselves!! We finished working and went home on Saturday around 6PM and we started editing the video for next Monday. We needed to convert more than 4 hours of images into a 17 minutes video in just some hours.

Building the plumbing that we have been postponing for a while but now it was time to tackle this part of our project. Even though we are both engineers (I’m an Environmental ad Sanitary Engineer and Duca is a Civil Engineer) and we learned this some years ago, we have never actually installed pipes in our whole life. We understand all the theory behind the project, but we have never put our hands to do the job.

Actually this was a fun week, digging holes, cutting and installing pipes. We spent a lot of time this week going to the store to build new pieces and connections for the system and exchanging others that we didn’t use. Thursday rained a lot and it was really hard to work under the rain as the earth got all wet and became sticky and slippery. It was a mess but we need to work like this anyways. In the end, took us sore time to have the job done but we did it! We are soooo proud of ourselves!