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Bangkok in two days!!

It was time to know another country! Before that we left our suitcases in our hotel in Canggu and went to the airport by motorbike with our backpacks. We got a flight from Bali to Bangkok. Thailand!! Here we go! The flight was short, about 3 hours, but terrible. We haven’t bought any food, or water, and the seat almost didn’t lie down. The result was: I almost didn't sleep, because my head was falling all the time, and Duca got his most starving flight ever.

Arriving in the Bangkok airport, at the customs, the guard asked me if I knew Zezé di Camargo, a Brazilian singer, and he started singing in Portuguese a song: "eu não vou negar que sou louco por você...". That was funny.

First thing to do every time we arrive in a new country is to buy a chip for Duca's phone. So, it was time to buy one. After that we got a bus, train and arrived in a hostel. But it wasn't the one we had booked online. The one that we had a reservation has a similar name and format (both are beds in a cubicle) and we arrived in the wrong one. Duca started feeling his head, he had a strong migraine. So, we decided to stay in this one, as it was around 7PM and the traffic was too bad and none taxi wanted to pick us up. Later on he got better and we went out to eat. This was the wrong hostel, but this one was a really good one: the location was great, good internet, comfy bed, breakfast included and the people that work in the place was pretty friendly.

Next day we walked in the direction of the correct hostel, with 2 backpacks and one purse. Actually the plan was to pass by some shopping malls on the way to look for a new camera. In the end we decided didn't buy any camera and save the money, and the result was that we walked a lot!

We shared our first pad thai and later on, in the same night, we met 2 guys from Germany in our room and we went out to eat a street food in the street of our hotel. We ate some food sitting in the middle of the street and a cockroach walked on my head and after at Duca's head, in the end he killed it. I was nervous with that thing walking on us and it was hard to finish eating! I always hate cockroaches, but after our time in Sydney I've got a bit used to them, but it still gets me nervous. It's amazing how such a clean city as Sydney can have so many cockroaches!!!

Next day we got a urban bus and went to the side of the river that cross the city with our bags. It was hard to communicate with people to get the bus and searching on google, it kept showing a different route to us. Well, in the end we got the correct one.

So, we went to the famous Temple of the Emerald Buddha, there is a buddha carved in a 66 meters emerald rock. Sometimes we choose to do a touristic visit, but usually these paid

The idea was to know a bit of the city and in the end of the day get the bus to Koh Tao. We bought the tickets with a taximan that was in front of our hostel and took us in his taxi to buy a ticket. Until the last minute we didn't believe that we won't need to pay him. Of course he would get some commission with the agency, but it was still hard to believe that a taxi would take us to a place for free.

This day we understood why this season is known as rainy season! It was a humid and hot day, then the wind started blowing and a really strong rain came! We have an advice for you: if you intend to travel to some place the best idea is to search about the weather, you can regret about the trip if you choose the wrong time to travel. This hardly happens to us, as we love to travel, no matter the weather, we always find a way to enjoy the trip.