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Behind the scenes of a Youtube Channel - Living Tiny Project - Episode 034

Well, we thought this week we would go back to the building. But after we posted the last episode, the theory behind condensation, we received a lot of comments and messages and one person showed us a product that we’ve never heard about. It’s an insulation that can substitute the wool and it’s made in Brazil. We called the factory and got a deal and now we need to wait one week for the product to arrive.

So, we decided to ask on Youtube and Instagram what our followers would like to see. They could vote to have a Behind the scenes of our Youtube Channel or a Live Q&A. It was almost even, but in the end Behinds the scenes won!!

We decided to share with you 2 weeks of our life behind of our Youtube channel: how many hours of the week we are editing, going to stores, meeting family and friends, planning stuff, among other things.

It’s great to show you a little bit more of our life, not just the building process. I guess now people can understand a bit more how we use our time when we aren’t on the shipping container.

I hope you enjoy it!