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Building a Plywood Shower Cabin 🛁 Living Tiny Project #077

We have great news this week!!! We created some products to sell (t-shirts, mugs, cel phone cases and bags). We hope you like it! Check out our new t-shirts, mugs, cell phone cases and bags:

The other news is that we are gonna tell you a little bit about last week that we spent in a creators boots program.

We started the week thinking that the program would be good for us to turn our channel more professional. But in the end, the program was wayyyy more than this. We met other channels, we heard other stories, we met so many amazing people. Every person that was there with us where so nice and connected a lot to everyone. It wasn’t just youtube channels, there was also Instagram accounts, podcasts, and others platforms that creators use. We had the opportunity to meet companies… It was an amazing week with so much love involved.

I’m gonna talk a little bit about everyone and give you the link for the other participants of Youpix so you guys can check them out:


Gabriel is a deaf guy (an incredible person that we became really good friends of him). The content of the channel is aimed at the deaf community, the barriers they face and how to break them, encourage people to leave the comfort zone, believe in themselves and the ability to go after their future, regardless of any limitations.

Avós da Razão

It’s about 3 old ladies that are Gilda 77 years old /Sonia 81 years old and Helena 90 years old) answering questions about anything people ask them, like sex, drogs, love… They are really funny! We became really good friends of the producers of the content that were there during the whole week, Cássia (used to work for a tv channel here in Brazil called SBT) and Valéria (worked for years with Hering, a company that produces clothes from our state here in Brazil).

BFF Bike (“Bike Friends Forever”)

Content of entertainment related to the universe of cycling, presented by two girls who, in a funny and spontaneous way, show all adventures on two wheels. Female empowerment, encouraging a healthier life, the practice of sports and varieties linked to the sports universe. Duca always loved cycling, of course he had a lot to talk with Fábio, the husband of one of the girls and the one that produces the content and who was there all week long with us.

Bruna Gullaci

Bruna's focus is to resignify consumption and demystify some fashion myths. It shows alternatives to consumerism and also contents related to the fashion market. Bruna is a really suit person and I (Roberta) love the idea of sustainable uses of clothes and Bruna has a lot to add about this topic.

Canal Família Quilombo

The Quilombo Family channel was designed by Adriana Arcebispo and her husband Josimar Silveira (Jhones), who along with their son Akins (7 years old) and their daughter Dandara (3 years old) use social networks to deal with affection, filhxs and family relationships from his experience of black family. They are a family full of love with lots to say.

Casal Tech

A couple who want to connect people by inspiring the use and understanding of technology to provide moments of happiness, love and quality of family life. They are really nice people that talk about technology in different ways. While he talks about the technological part of the technological products she talks about her experiences using the products.


It's a podcast where they explore the use of data to create stories or interviews. And the subject is always something related to favela and peripheries. Elói is from favela da Alemão, Rio de Janeiro and Giulia is one girl from downtown Rio de Janeiro that works inside the favela do Alemão in a really nice project that they have. Inside the favela (slum) they have this laboratory that has a lot of researches inside the community and they have a podcast talking about different topics. They have a lot of different projects that they participate, like grafite classes and others related to art.


Daily cartoons on everyday situations between reflective and humorous. Yorhan is the artist that draws the cartoons and he is a really cool person. Maria is his friend that help him with his project and she also has her own project, a website called Maria Impressions where she do a short review of books.

Filhos Sem Pais

Vivi creates content for people who have not been and/or have been abandoned by their parents - the No-Child Sons - and people who are affected by this reality (single parents, absent parents, grandparents and their families) and need support, information about paternity and this universe, besides being an inspiration to follow their lives in the best way possible. She is a really nice person and she talks  in a really nice way with many people, as for sure most of people know at least one person that fits to her content.

Guardei no Armário

Dedicated to telling real stories of the LGBT community, the channel also addresses contemporary themes, author experiences, racial and political awareness, and is part of the militant range of channels on Youtube Brazil. Samuca and his husband Luiz are really cool people that have so cool stories to tell.

POC de Cultura

POC de Cultura is a podcast where four gay men living in São Paulo talk about the dramas, lives and delights of being gay and part of the LGBT community. The podcast discusses weekly issues that make sense and escape the commonplace of the entertainment world. Caco and Hilário are the ones that were this week on Youpix with us. What a wonderful people they are! We could talk to them for hours. They talk about serious topics with humor on their podcast and it’s really cool to listen to them.

Textos Cruéis Demais para serem Lidos Rapidamente

The Crucial Texts Demais is a collective of texts social of the social networks that began in Facebook, spread by others, is winning the second book and today is one of the largest producers of literary content in the internet. Gaby is the designer of the book and the one that participated of the week. She is a cool and smart girl. Oh! She also works at Netflix.

I (Roberta) am finishing writing about them with a smile in my face. What a nice opportunity we had to meet such cool people. We spoke for hours with every single one and we had such a great connection with them. We became such good friends. What a lovely week that it’s gonna be remembered for a whole life.

Changing topic and going back to the building. It was hard to go back to the building this week. Last week we used to sit all day long and now we needed to carry machines and plywood around, to stand up, to sit down… This week we are realllllly tired of working back on the building. But in the end it was worth. Seeing something we are building with our own hands gaining shape is something that is hard to describe. The feeling of mission accomplished is amazing. This week we started to build our shower stall and it’s getting incredibly good.