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Ceiling Construction of our Tiny Shipping Container House - Living Tiny Project - Episode 032 Part 1

Yes!! The country is back to normal. The truck drivers aren’t on strike anymore and the stores are delivering materials!! So, we had a fun week!

We decided to build a panel for the ceiling of the interior of our Tiny Shipping Container House using plywood, some pieces of treated pine, laminated, some glue and screws.  

As usual when we start a new task we spend some time thinking and this time wasn’t different. We needed to decide how the panels will gonna be, the size of the plywoods, how many plywoods, measure the width of the container and the length, decide the color of the laminated and how many we would need (for that we needed to calculate the amount we would need for each panel being a plywood sheet 1.60 by 2.20 and a laminated sheet 1.25 by 3.08, so the dimensions doesn’t match), decide how to support all that in place, what sort of screws we need for each step and how many of them, among other decisions.

First we cut the plywood on the correct size. We needed to have 2 sheets of 1.60x2.19. We cut the tips with a plunge saw. Then we measure and cut the pieces of pine with a miter saw. After that we applied white glue and screwed that on place. The frame was done though.

It was time to measure and cut roughly the sheet of laminated and glue it on place. It wasn’t that easy. It’s a fragile material that can break really easy. So, we need to be careful. Applying the glue was a terrible task. We didn’t know the correct amount of glue to put, how to spread it correctly and in the end we were nervous. Gluing the plywood and the laminated together was really hard. It’s a contact glue, so we need to put glue in both pieces that we are gonna put together. When we touch one it the other there is no way back! Once you glued it there is no way of separate them. So you need to pay attention and avoid any mistake in this part of the task. Once glued we used a router to cut the tips (this was really easy and quick).

We are pretty content with the result of the ceiling panels. This is a sort of our future furniture, that we are really excited to start building. It’s one of the finishings of the house and we really like the result!!!