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Converting a plywood box into a Bathtub!! Part 2

I know… we didn’t do much this week, but we have a reason for that. Monday was Duca’s birthday and we took the time to visit some friends and to have dinner with family, but we’ve just given this time because it was supposed to rain all day long today, so this was the schedule. In fact it didn’t rain, but we decided to take one day off anyways. Oh! Before we went to see some friends and to meet their newborn Sofia we went to the factory that produces doors and windows to check with them how would be the best solution for our bathtub. The factory is located in another town, that is 22km (14 miles) far away from where we live, is the same place where we made our aluminum windows and doors.

On Tuesday it was raining and we cannot work applying epoxy resin in the humidid more than 85%, so we decided to go to some stores. We bought a piece for the bathtub for the water to go inside, we bought some studs and tracks to start building the bathroom walls and some microsphere to mix with the epoxy resin to impermeabilize the bathtub. We passed by a friends house to drink some coffee with them and it was already late when we decided to go home and watch a Netflix serie. Yes!! We are addicted to Grey’s Anatomy for now (We are on the season 8 now). As when we are at home Duca is always editing or watching some YouTube videos he always says we need to watch a serie for the brain to stop working, stop thinking about our work and to relax a little bit. I lost the count of how many series we have watched last year and the year before. We have watched Vikings, The 100, Scandal, Dexter, Orphan Black, Suits, Better Call Saul, Elementary, Smash, Salvation, Sense 8, Travelers, Scorpion, La Casa del Papel, La Lei Secreta, Breaking Bad, Prison Break, The Shooter, 13 Reasons Way, Narcos, House of Cards, Homeland, Californication, Lost, Quantico, Ray Donavon, O Macanismo, Crossing Lines, Abstract, Aquarius… and the list goes on. We like every single one!!